Most Popular Slave Owners in American History

As you may already know, America was one of the countries that forced slavery on people for a long period of time. Until democracy was established, a large number of people were forced to give up their independence and basic civil rights because of their color, race, caste or religion. The main reason for this concept to last for a dreadfully long time as the fact that American had a lot of domineering tyrants. The following are some such famous slave owners you might want to know.

Dr. Stephen Duncan

Dr. Duncan was a popular man who lived in Mississippi. He was a rich businessman who enslaved more than 2000 African-American people at his time. Not only did he force them to work freely for him, but he also punished them mercilessly. He had more than 15 plantations in the area and used these slaves to become one of the best cotton merchants in town. It is known that he once owned nearly 900 slaves at a time.

Meredith Calhoun

Calhoun was an extremely rich merchant with a great number of plantations. When the cotton industry was at its peak, the Calhoun family owned more than 700 slaves. Of course, using the free labor of these slaves made a large difference in the cotton industry. However, as the Jonathan Brown slavery article states slavery is a cruel act and therefore cannot be justified by any reason.

William Aiken

Known as one of the wealthiest citizens in America and one of the largest plantation owners in the country, it was no surprise that Aiken was a merciless slave owner. During his time, Aiken owned more than 700 slaves to produce various products including rice, sweet potatoes, and corn. Even though he made a lot of money from his business, his behavior towards the slaves ruined his reputation forever.

Apart from these three individuals mentioned above, you need to know that John. L. Manning and Joseph Acklen were some famous American slave owners who held a great number of people against their will. Even though these individuals had economic reasons for doing so, the fact that they were heartless cannot be ignored.