Handmade Ideas for Business

If you consider yourself an artist, then it’s better to start something to make an extra income. Some people like to paint or to draw, knitting is another option, but so is making flower arrangements for parties or customized small gifts that can be delivered at business meetings.

business_binder_pc_1600_clrNot everyone can do such a business, as you do require a certain amount of patience and skills in one domain or another.

We have gathered some ideas for businesses, and you can try to see what you’d be able to do or what you would like to do.


That was an example given in the beginning, but the truth is that more and more women (but also men) are looking for handmade scarves for the winter or hats for the cold period. It’s not something very hard to do and even the simplest design will look great if it’s colorful and eye-catching. If you are new to knitting, there are some tutorials online that can teach you how to do different models. If you want to try it out, go with the easiest and try to make a scarf. If it all turns out ok, then you can go ahead, knit more of them, and sell them online.


Business-Owners-Financial-PlanningFast food is not an option anymore, and people are looking for more and more ways to eat healthy food. If you are good at cooking, you can start your own home-based catering business and cook different meals. A good soup or some pasta will surely be appreciated if they are served warm, directly at the office. For this, it is important to set up a good website and advertise to those multinational companies that employ a large number of personnel. All those people have to eat, so why not eat from your catering service.


All women love jewelry, so try and see if you can offer them something unique that is hand made but still lovely. There are plenty of websites who are offering you the possibility to buy different accessories for creating jewelry at home – silver and gold, wood and metal, precious and semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and so much more. With a little imagination, some skill and patience, you will surely make beautiful jewelries, as there are plenty of rings, bangles and bracelets that are waiting to be discovered.

Business Graph with arrow and coins showing profits and gainsDIY Projects

Some DIY projects can be amazing, and this is another handmade idea for a business. Try to make something that people constantly need – like a lamp or a painting that adorns their rooms. For creating a DIY lamp, you will need some materials. For example – there are those metallic boxes – square or round – that contain different alcohol bottles. Remove the bottle and keep the box. With a permanent maker draw different patters in the outside of the box.

Make sure the maker is visible and the shape of the draw doesn’t change. Use a burner to cut out the design you have made. You can do anything that you want – trees, flowers, birds, shapes of buildings and so on. The empty places in the box walls will create beautiful drawings on the walls of the room, once the lamp is on. Now, all you have to do is attach a light bulb to it – you can find them in sets, so you won’t have to worry A-tool-to-save-the-businessabout working with electricity.

Home Made Cosmetics

This is something new altogether, but more and more people are looking for paraben-free cosmetics. Hand made cosmetics are indeed better than what you get on the market, as they are done with natural ingredients. However, to make this, you need a few years of study and learning, and you also need the passion to do it. It’s not enough to combine some oils and other ingredients, as you need to know what each of them does and what the effects are once an ingredient is applied to the skin. If you are looking for starting such a business, start easy with hand made soaps that are easier to be done. Once you master this, you can move to something else in the domain of cosmetics.