Boggle 1.0 for the iPhone and iTouch: A review of the iTunes application for word game lovers

Playing the game BOGGLE as a kid required a roll of the dice. On the iTunes version of Electronic Arts, maker of the top-rated game TETRIS, just shake the iPhone or iTouch, and the words fall on the screen. BOGGLE plays in three modes they are Classic, Advanced and Self-Score. Classic Mode works like other similar word games in the iTunes App Store. You can download Pokemon GO’s latest hack i.e PokeGO++ 2.0 from

Classic Mode:

The game player is given three minutes to come up with as many words are he can by sliding his finger across the tiles and connecting letters horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The words formed are written to the left of the screen. At the end of the game, the total score shows along with the complete word list in alphabetical order. Two points for every three letter word, three points for four-letter words and so on. There is one slight annoyance–if a mistake made, an x pops up on the last letter of the word, and the player has to touch it to clear the word and move on.

Advanced Mode:

The Advanced Mode acts like the Classic Mode except it adds a new twist—the first and last letters switch places each time the player finds a word, so the board is continually changing. Add a panic flip, and a brand new board appears in the last twenty seconds. Players can also configure their own play time from one to ten minutes—an option not available on similar models. Also, the possibilities enable the player to disable panic flip and other game features.

Self-Score Mode:

The Self-Score Mode provides just a board and a timer. This option is excellent for playing with friends and is reminiscent of the classic BOGGLE game.


  • Achievements-This option enables the player to view a long list of impressive statistics on her game playing, including “best words found,” “avg time to find a word,” and “avg bad guesses per game.”
  • Music Player-Selecting this option allows BOGGLE to play songs selected from the player’s iTunes collection while playing the game.
  • Letter Orientation-The game player can select how he wants his letters to appear on the screen, up, down, left, right, or random.
  • Challenges-Players are allowed to email challenges to other BOGGLE players on their iPhone or iTouch.