Basic Corporate Wardrobe for Men

If you are just entering the corporate world, you need to look at your wardrobe. To help you get started, we have compiled the basic clothing items that you need to look the part.


Your core wardrobe should start with at least three white business shirts. This is because they will match with almost any combination. But for variety, you can also get a blue shirt.


You should also get three pairs of dressy pants. Try not go crazy and stick to neutral colors so you can mix and match easily with the other clothing items. To avoid getting overwhelmed, it is recommended to go online. Type four piece suit on your browser and you will be directed to an online store that offers one of the best deals in the fashion market, with affordable designer brands.


Suits are also must-haves. Start with at least two complete business suits. Black is a good color, but gray and navy are also versatile and will be less boring.


Do not forget blazers. Get two of these in lighter fabrics so you can wear them all year long round.


You will need at least three ties to add color to your corporate ensemble. Please note that the more vibrant the color, the less the pattern should be, and vice versa. And stay away from any crazy pattern like cartoons as they are not appropriate in a corporate environment. For variety, rotate between each tie regularly.


Spend a little more on a good pair of classic shoes. Your shoes are going to be worn throughout most of the week so do not skimp on comfort. And definitely get a black pair as they will match with all color combinations of the other clothing items. Later on, once you are more financially stable, you can get pairs in different colors like brown.

Try to get a second opinion from a friend or family before committing to an item. After all, you may be looking at using it for a period of time.